Day 195 / 365

I’m def. not having a good week.. but it’s whatever. I don’t really wanna talk to people anymore. I didn’t sleep until 3 last night.. ;/ Yeah. Uhhh, my dad stayed home today because he had a doctors appt and I had a dentist appt. Around 1 or 2 he offered to take me to the mall. First he offered Northpark, Galleria, then Collin Creek. Lol. He took Kayla to play and I walked around the mall by myself. It wasn’t that bad.. I went everywhere though. Haha. I was gunna get these floral sandals but I held back. Sometimes I feel like I wish I bought them but at the same time I’m glad I did what I did. We were only there for an hour so we left and went home after that. I noticed it was Happy Hour at Sonic so I asked my daddy if I could go get a drink. So I got a Cherry Limeade. <3 <3 It kinda brought up my mood. Then I chilled at home for like an hour. I learned Lil Wayne’s Look At Me Now verse. ;))) Aw yeeeuh. Uhhh, then I had to get ready for my dentist appt. They got me to go into the room and the nurse lady checked my teeth and left. Then the doctor lady came and asked what color I wanted and left.. and it took her like 30 mins to come back. Like omg.. I felt like they forgot about me. ;/ The doctor lady came back and told me she loved my earrings and they’re so strange. Haha. We were both laughing about it. It was nice. (; Then after, I was craving a burger. (It means I’m angry and stressed.) Haha. So I offered Sonic or Whataburger.. but he picked Whataburger because he hates how you have to order outside at Sonic. So yeahhh. I got a large fry and a bacon and cheese Whataburger. It was good, but I couldn’t finish it. Lol. But yeah… I need to go watch Winnie The Pooh so I can cheer myself up and stuff. Mhm.

Day 194 / 365

No update.

Day 193 / 365

No update. I’m thinking about quitting.

Day 192 / 365

Yayyy, this morning I woke up and I was determined to go get my package. So I made myself get up and brush and walk over to the office. I was excited to open ittt. ((; Haha. I read half of my book. My dad gave me 20 bucks for reading, aw yeeeuh. My mom gave me 30 bucks yesterday.. so I have $50. Mmm, ballin’. (; Omg, and I went to three different 7 Elevens with my dad and none of them had slurpies. Bullshaaaaaat. Lol, but whatever. Today was the day I fell in love with Conor Maynard. ;) But yeah, I had a fun day today, *wink, wink. Haha.¬†

Day 191 / 365

Omg. I’m tired and exhausted from doing absolutely nothing. ;/ I was kinda down and depressed today.. I don’t know why. But I’m doing fine now. (; Uhhh.. so Jeny randomly came over when I was butt ugly! Coool. My dad took me to this Beauty Supply store. There were wigs everywhere! LOL. I wanted to get contacts but I don’t know if they sold them..? I also wanted a razor to cut my hair with but it was expensive. So we went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and got a razor there instead. It was five bucks so I guess it’s better than going to a salon. I’ll try it tonight after I wash and blow dry my hair. Hopefully I’ll do good, fingers crossed. Anyways, I was supposed to go to the dentist tomorrow but I had to get it rescheduled it to Thursday. Oh wellll. Gunna go pick my books up from the office tomorrow since I couldn’t get them Saturday. Buuuuh yah! (;

Day 190 / 365

I had a terrible dream last night! I stopped having dreams a few months or even years ago and I’ve started to have nightmares this past week. ;/ I can’t remember clearly what happened though. Yeah.. but I slept on the end of the bed last night, LOL. It felt goood. I went to eat at Golden Buffet with my family this morning, it was okay. Their crawfish was naaaasty though, bleh. ¬†After we went to go pick Jeny up to go to Northpark. They were having this Disney Let The Memories Begin Tour. We took 24 pictures total. ((; Yeee. It was fun. We walked around and I got some gelato? I liked 2/3 flavors I got. The other one was naaaasty. I think it was Mango Pomergrante or something. Then this guy stopped us and asked us to sign up for this model search or something. Idk what it was for.. but whatevvaaaah. Then we left and went to University Park. Omg, I saw a new In-N-Out that just opened in Dallas! It was packed.. ;/ I went to Ross at Highland Park though. It was on the second floor, dopeeee. LOLjk. I got a cute mug. (((; Then we took Jeny home and ate at Chick-Fil-A. I got a #1 with a lemonade. Mmmm. (; Haha, yeah. I need to get my bangs cut, it’s starting to push my self-esteem. ;/

#July 9th  

Day 189 / 365

Recycled picture. I haven’t done anything this summer! Ugh. I am seriously rotting at home.. ;/ So Jeny told me about this cruise.. I wanna go on it soooo bad. It’s mad expensive though.. hmph. So, today I found some good music. I wanna upload it on Tumblr but they only let me upload one a day! Suuucks. Oh well. So I’m currently jammin’. ((; Haha. Going to Northpark and In-N-Out tomorrow!

#July 8th